BARRS IRN- BRU BOTTLES (500ml) (Reduced dated September 22)


BARRS IRN- BRU BOTTLES (500ml) (Reduced dated September 22)

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Enjoy the irresistibly unique taste of Irn Bru with this pack of cans. Irn Bru was originally launched over 100 years ago, and today is often referred to as ‘Scotland’s other national drink’ (after Scotch whisky, of course).

One taste of Irn Bru will have you hooked, so please bear this in mind if you have never tasted it before. Long-time users of Irn Bru will be reassured to know that we stock a healthy supply of this product, to satisfy our many Irn Bru loving customers.

If you didn’t already know, Irn Bru is actually made from Scottish girders, and consuming a single can results in unprecedented physical strength and durability (for a limited time only).

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