BURTONS JAMMIE DODGERS (140g) (Dated January 24)


BURTONS JAMMIE DODGERS (140g) (Dated January 24)

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For over 50 years Burton’s has made Jammie Dodgers, they are loved by all, young and old. These delicious sandwich biscuits consist of two perfect pieces of shortbread that are filled with a fantastic raspberry jam. It is the perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea.

An all-time classic, the Burtons Jammie Dodger offers that little bit more than the average biscuit. Between its two layers of delicious shortbread lies a fruity jam filling that can be admired through the heart-shaped hole on the top of the biscuit.  Claiming to be fruitier than ever before, Burtons Jammie Dodgers are perfect for serving up at parties, as well as being a great treat when enjoyed in tandem with a cup of tea. A favourite of children and adults alike.

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