MAXONS YORKSHIRE MIX (250g) (Reduced dated October 22)


MAXONS YORKSHIRE MIX (250g) (Reduced dated October 22)

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The Yorkshire Mixture is the signature product of Maxons of Sheffield. A mixture of fruit and mint flavoured boiled sweets, made to the original recipes a traditional favourite in Yorkshire and around the country.

Most Boiled Sweet Manufacturers would have their own Yorkshire Mixture mix as it would depend on what their specialities would have been and what may have been made that day. As they use the “Seconds” items that were left over from the day before . Today they are one of only a handful that still exist and we keep to the traditions of Yorkshire Mixture. Although they always include Humbugs, Fruit Rock, Fish and Pear Drops you may also find some of what has been produced that day be it Pineapple Chunks or Strawberries & Creams no bag is exactly the same (please note not all products will appear in the bag, it is a true mixture and so some bags will have more or less of anyone product).

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