NESTLE AERO MINT CHOCOLATE (36g)(Reduced dated October 22)


NESTLE AERO MINT CHOCOLATE (36g)(Reduced dated October 22)

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Enjoy a milk chocolate with a airy, bubbly, bursting peppermint center. Let the airy texture melt in your mouth! One bite and you will be hooked. A treat the whole family will love.

This large Aero Peppermint Chocolate Bar is the ideal solution for Aero lovers who simply can’t get enough of that minty, bubbly chocolate taste. If you are feeling generous then there is enough to share – but this is strictly optional!  Aero Peppermint is a minty twist on the original Milk Chocolate Aero that was first launched in 1935 by Rowntrees. Aero is now produced by Nestle and this version of the Aero Peppermint offers chocoholics great value for money.

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