British Imports Georgia


DONNELLY IRISH BACK BACON 1lb (454g)(Temp out of stock)


Open for business 

About British Imports Georgia

Established in 2019 we decided to create British Imports Georgia, a “mash up” as the kids would say these days, a local community E Commerce store in North Atlanta that delivers to a community of specific local zip codes, bringing your specialist groceries to your door.  At a price that is defendable and as competitive as possible, convenient in our modern times, with a time delivery slot of your choice when checking out..

Groceries delivered to your door, without the hustle and bustle of the retail stores.

The Candy Store

Flakes, Mars, Starbars, Twirls, Toffee Crisp, Milky Bar, Turkish Delight,
Bounty, Sherbert Fountains, Maltesers,
Lion bars… to name a few

“The Old Tuck Shop” Bags of fun..
Flying Saucers, Foam Bananas,
White Mice, Shrimps, Jazzies,


Lots of surprises to find, such as Irn Bru, Robinsons, Ribena!


All those products you look to have in your larder


Looking for sausages and bacon and more …