Cleanliness and Sanitation
We have implemented a number of precautions based on the advice of the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and other health authorities to minimize the risk of the transmission of COVID-19 for both team members and customers alike, including an increased emphasis on the things we do each and every day in the interest of food safety.  Regular handwashing procedures have always been a part of our required practices, but we are putting procedures in place to increase the emphasis on handwashing and other related measures to promote the health and safety of customers and team members, including drivers using hand sanitizer prior to loading and upon delivery, to support the efforts to minimize the risk of the transmission of COVID-19 for both team members and customers.

‘Contactless’ Delivery
We also want to make sure that customers know that we will deliver any way they choose. Whether they prefer a delivery left at the front door or at a reception desk, our delivery instruction box is the place to put any special directions. We know many people would like to choose contactless delivery right now and we want customers to know we’re here to deliver.



Our preferred method of delivery, is to the local community in North Atlanta.  We have identified a delivery zone, which is expanding as our community grows. Our initial areas for local community delivery is Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Cumming areas.  We are always open to review our delivery zips, if you have any questions regarding delivery zones, please contact us directly, we can always look at options, in particular in these challenging times. Contact British Imports Georgia

Some circumstances may arise where we can work with you to support your orders by being adaptive to finding a agreeable solution.  Ideas such as Grouping of friends orders, special delivery for larger heavy orders, still local but perhaps slightly outside our delivery zone.  The key to this model is to mitigate the costs to customers.  Why pay the logistics costs on a small single order,  we want the product to have a ‘landed cost’ to you as if its in your local store.  Therefore if you have a friend living with in the delivery zone, we can deliver the order to your friend, and then when you next meet up, which is something you would normally do, you have your products.  That cost of logistics is completely mitigated from the sale.  You receive the order at a ‘community’ price.

We do not plan to over charge or profit for USPS delivery, we pass on the cost of delivery to us on to you.  Then you have a choice. We don’t add the cost of packaging or add the cost of free Fedex Delivery to our product pricing.  We strive to offer the best prices of our products for the local community delivery area.

For all our valued customers outside of our zip code delivery area, the cost to us from USPS will be the cost in your cart.



There is an exception to our standard pricing for shipment using USPS, and that is relating to Frozen products.  These products need to remain temperature controlled during shipment, frozen products we will add the small cost $7.95 for using additional thermal packaging and freezer blocks in a special foam box as a standard shipping cost for the frozen products selected in your cart.  Please also note we will contact you to confirm shipping options as UPS will need to be used to provide service to match the minimum shipping time to your location needed for the goods to remain cool.  We will contact you to confirm the options available.  In some cases it may not be economically viable to ship frozen products long distances.

During the summer months, UPS will be used for shipping frozen products. WE DO NOT accept responsibility for any delays to your shipment, and recommend purchasing the additional frozen shipping product during checkout if also ordering chocolate products and other products subject to melting in higher temperatures.

Please reach out to our team if you have any Questions.

Contact British Imports Georgia